Let's tell your story

Let's tell your story

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“Lifestyle photography allows us to tell your story together. Capturing you and your family beautifully without posing or forced smiles. “

Lexi Green, Owner + Photographer

Lifestyle Photography with Ninja + Sox

Lifestyle portrait sessions are you, your family, and your relationships just as they are. These sessions are little to no posing, I do not ask you to "look at me and smile", I'd never ask you to say "cheese!". We come together and design your session from start to finish. Outfits, locations, and styling. Once it's time to shoot, the fun begins! Lifestyle sessions with me aren't about making sure your child is looking at the camera or that everyone having the perfect smile. These sessions are perfect because they tell your family's story, naturally.

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  • Nursing Portraits

    $ 50 30 minutes
  • Lifestyle Stories

    $ 200 hour
  • In-Home Story

    $ 350 2.5 Hours

Our Stories

100 Days of Editing: Day 15 | A Blessing Way Photography

A Blessing Way is a beautiful party celebrating an expectant mother. Kind of like a baby shower that celebrate motherhood and your upcoming little one into your family. It’s amazing and my very first one was with Morgan Matthews as she welcome her third baby into the world. My Day 15 of the 100 Days […]

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Peeking Into Our Everyday | Greeley In-Home Lifestyle Photography

As a work-at-home-mom of two busy toddlers, slow, quiet days are rare, but completely welcome. I was so happy to have a morning to capture these of our life for a few minutes around breakfast time. Yogurt faces and hard drives and all! Here’s our in-home lifestyle.   Would you like to capture some of your […]

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100 Days of Editing: Day 7 | Target Shopping with Ninja

Day 7 of 100 Days of Editing brings us Target shopping with Ninja girl! My four-year-old just loves shopping and her favorite shop is Target. In my 100 Day challenge to edit older family photos that I hadn’t made time for in the past, I found these gems from September 24th, 2015. Not that far […]

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100 Days of Editing: Day 6 | Two Colorado Kids

In the kitchen, one morning in January, I captured these images of my two Colorado kids. Adorable and wearing my oversized hoodie and Sox in his fireman hat we had tons of fun! This is Day 6 of 100 Days of Editing!   Do you have two Colorado kids that would love to be photographed? […]

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100 Days of Editing: Day 5 | Sloans Lake Park Kids

Day 5 of the 100 Days of 10, is Mr. Knox N’ Sox just after his very first birthday! Both Ninja and Sox were playing at Sloan’s Lake park, but Knox was the star of this documentary style shoot. Looking for a Sloan’s Lake kids session? Want to book amazing lifestyle session with Ninja + Sox? Let’s do […]

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100 Days of Editing: Day 4 | Lakewood Newborn Photography

Day 4 of the 100 Days of 10, is newborn baby boy, Sox before he even earned that nick name!! These are from Christmas Eve 2013 and I’ve never looked at these images. I’m so embarrassed because this was our little man’s first Christmas and the images sat in storage for literally years. I’m so […]

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